At Venus Loves Jewellery, we offer a scope of value focuses with a scope of
materials accessible. 

Everything is visibly named to show precisely what material everything is
produced using - permitting you to shop with certainty. 

On the other hand, you can channel utilising the principal menu to see simply the
particular of metal you are searching for. 

Whilst we would love to inform you that our Jewellery is waterproof, we must
advise that you try your best to keep your items away from water as 
best as
possible. I
f you fail to do this, you will run the risk of tarnishing or even
removing the 
gold plating altogether. We would also advise that you remove
before applying perfume. This can have a negative effect on the
gold plating and may result in 
tarnishing over time. 


Our stainless-steel items are our highest calibre and are hard wearing, which
means they can be worn ordinarily with much less chance of the shading &
blurring - it is glossy, exceptionally solid and opposes erosion and oxidation. 

Stainless steel is a feasible material. It's drawn-out life makes it an ideal natural
entertainer in contrast with different materials. It's made to last! 

It's completely recyclable and can be re-utilised. Truth be told, it very well may be
reused many occasions over without losing its characteristics (strength and
imperviousness to rust). 

It's not hurtful or poisonous to the climate. 

Like silver, it tends to be sparkly or sandblasted, yet it doesn't discolour like silver.
Its toughness implies you don't need to stress over your gems getting bowed, or
crushed.It contains hypoallergenic properties, so is most likely not going to cause
unfavourable skin responses. 


Our Sterling Silver items are 92.5% authentic silver. These pieces are top notch
and enduring, anyway authentic silver is substantially more of a bendable metal,
and not as solid as tempered steel.


These things should be cared for more cautiously to support their plating. Please
don't wear your copper-based adornments in the shower, while washing, working
out or dozing as this can remove/blemish the gold or silver plating. 


These pieces should be cared for more than pure gold or silver but will tarnish
over time if not cared for properly. 


Zinc alloy does not tarnish directly, so if you notice any blemishes on the pieces,
they can be wiped off with a microfibre cloth and non-aggressive cleaning